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Red Cross Condemns Guantanamo Treatment as Torture

Red Cross decries treatment of Guantanamo detainees
Associated Press

Geneva — The Red Cross said Tuesday that U.S. officials have failed to address concerns about significant problems in the treatment of terror suspects detained at the U.S. military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

But the neutral International Committee of the Red Cross, the only independent monitor allowed to visit the facility, refused “to publicly confirm or deny” whether details in a New York Times article were from its reports to U.S. officials about its findings during its Guantanamo visits.

The article said the ICRC has determined that the U.S. military used psychological and physical coercion “tantamount to torture.”

It said ICRC delegates found during a June visit to Guantanamo that U.S. authorities had devised and refined a system to break the will of the prisoners, using humiliation, solitary confinement, temperature extremes and force positions.

“We have voiced concern including in public that there are significant problems which need to be addressed at Guantanamo Bay in terms of conditions and treatment of the persons there,” said Antonella Notari, chief spokeswoman for the ICRC.

“We continue our discussions with the U.S. authorities in this regard,” she added, but said the agency was sticking to its policy of discussing the details of its findings with U.S. officials because it found the confidential approach achieved results.

Full Story (The Globe and Mail)
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